Sunday, 29 July 2012


Caught 3 miles off padstow. A full house and then no action for ages. Did not see any caught inshore.
Only saw a couple of cormarants, must all be inland!
Brilliant holiday, the body boarding bug has bitten....

Friday, 23 March 2012


Taken on Pitsford opening day, hope the rivers will be able to stand all the drought order pumping?

First time fly fisher

Took Adam a friends son fishing for Barbel just before the rivers closed. I have said I will take him trout fishing so I thought I would put some fly kit in for him to practice with.
Now for someone who's never cast a fly before he was soon getting the hang of it. He only hooked the bank behind once and it was a few feet above our heads!
I turned my back for a few seconds and he caught this jack pike. Think he might be hooked on fluff chucking now. I have given him an old fibatube rod and a speedex reel to get him started. Love the speedex reel why are they not still made?
We were using German made Authanic wire which is more like a braid. Brilliant stuff, soft supple and won't kink. Also knots very well.
I think if every angler encouraged one youngster a year the future of our sport would be much safer....