Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stealth Perch

Here's my perch version. Probably used too much material, it still works though.

Stealth style pike flies

Very much ejoying my pike fly fishing at the moment. Stumbled across these marvelous pike flies tied in a style that could convert to trout and many other types of fishing. I think some Bass flies tied like this will work well.
Not sure its a new idea however a big thanks to the "Piketrek boys" for inventing the flies.
There are two videos of how to tie it on you tube. This is the first....
hope its some use to you?
All the best, dave

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Arthur Cove Memorial

Saturday May 14th. Just had a Orvis £200 reel donated and a couple of Wheatley fly boxes.

Just hope this good weather goes away so i might catch something!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Arthur Coves Trout Patterns.

Arthur Cove died on the 18th December 2009 aged 79.
He was a good friend who I will never forget. I have lots of great memories and wish I could remember half his stories. I used to go shooting with him and have Trout , Coarse and Sea fished with him and all I can say is he was damned good at all types of fishing.
Not many anglers these days are all rounders, which i think is a shame as you learn from each of the disciplines.
 Arthur was best known for his trout fishing and so to the point of this post.
His wife Pauline and Grandson James said I can photograph some of his fly patterns and put them on here or somewhere on the net so people can see how the originals were tied. I spoke to one of the Fulling Mill team who said Arthur used to ring them up to tell them off if they had messed about with his pheasant tail nymph.
 I just thought it would be a shame to let a bit of Angling history so to speak slip by. His book will always be there to read for future anglers, however I hope to get some of his "secret" flies.......only joking. He did not hide his specials, only from me!

A favourite of mine, which works for me better than his Cove nymph. Not sure if the green tag is intentional .
Tied as the pheasant tail version but with Heron herl.
Works well fished deep, and not moving, for me anyway......
I will try and get lots more photos when time allows.
Thanks , dave


Hello, I thought it was about time I posted on this blog again. I started it with good intentions however for various reasons have let it slip badly. Will try to keep it going this year as it looks like i may have time to actually go fishing!
Been at the vice a bit, hard to keep the incentive even though I got a new vice for Xmas. Just done a shrimp pattern after seeing a good one in fishing and fly tying mag. Nothing new but might be worth a swim. Blending the seals fur was a bit of a nightmare, pinch of this sprinkle of that. A couple of u.v. products in there, hope the fish like it.
My four year old son took the photo, this macro stuff is easy?! He will sit and make a few flies before he gets bored. likes the big flashy bass / pike ones easy for him to handle. Daddys small flies are too hard.
  all the best , Dave