Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Will it, won't it work?

I tend to be a stick in the mud when it comes to new flies. If the old ones don't work, tough. Although every now and then i sit at the vice and create something and then the doubt sets in!
Will try it next time out, to be honest the only bit i like is the dyed squirrel thorax. I have quite a collection of spanflex but prefer fur and feather. Bit of a "luddite " when it comes to realistic flies.
       cheers , dave

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Arthur Cove Memorial Bank Competion

Starting to get some interest in the competition. got lots of prizes, hope we get enough anglers to raise plenty of money!
 Michael Edwards of Orvis has very kindly donated a Western 3 rod.  9' 6" for a six weight. I bought a 10' #7 when they first came out and love mine. plus the 25 year guarantee!
 Gareth of St.Georges sporting is donating a fly logic reel worth £85, disc drag. looks very nice.
 Not quite sure yet how much a bench will cost, if we don't raise enough money for one might be best to split the money between the two charities. Or maybe get a plaque put up in the lodge.
Be great if loads of people turn out!
 Hope to get out on Saturday, choice of Pitsford, Elinor and Ringstead. So mild today bet it changes for the weekend!
 Just must add congratulations to Richard and Allie on the birth of their daughter Isabella yesterday weighing 5lb.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Test e.mail

Testing e.mail blogging.
Organising memorial competition for Arthur Cove. Got it on fly forums
web site and in fly fishing and fly tying magazine.also got my first
real follower. Sorry rich! Hi woz!?

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fishing at last! Elinor 9lb 8oz

When the winds in the east the fish bite the least! so they say, no one told the fish today......
 Caught on a silver corixa, off the bank at Elinor trout fishery. Plenty of fish about missed lots i am very rusty. not been for months and months. My son was very impressed and wants to eat it tommorow!
 nice to stretch my lines and i did not snap my rod ....yet!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Yipee! going fishing on Wedneday. tied some bloodworms

Got a day pass to go fly fishing on Wednesday! Can not wait, possibly forgot how to cast.
 Knocked up a couple of kinds of Bloodworm patterns. Never had much success with them but got to try something new now and then.
One is a bead head marabou type the other an apps bloodworm. Got some chemical pocket warmers so may just cast out and stick hands in pockets, will put some down my waders if it stays this cold! I will post on here if we catch anything. there are three rogues going possibly to Elinor. Percey has got so many rods and lines that he is taking them all to find out what line casts best on what rod, bet he forgets to take a marker pen!
  James Cove is an unknown quantity who comes from excellent trout fishing stock. Think we may have to handicap him i will probably struggle. I like to see fish moving, not that keen on "fishing the water". "smelly nets " indeed!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

stick fly

Been tying a few. cant get motivated, need to be in the mood .
 This hares ear stick fly is my confidence point fly early season. I lead it with lead foil from a dentists x-rays.
it is thin stuff and does not bulk the body up too much. the thorax is d.f.m. yellow seals fur.
 It's a good fly for creeping along the bottom, tied to copy some caddis larvae i found in a sand and gravel pit.
their cases were made of sand.
 Also found caddis that had used flakes of gloss paint from a sunken boat! but thats too long a story.....
If the bottom of the lake is clean enough inch it hard along it so puffs of silt / sand come up. no fish will resist!
a friend of mine called  "Rocket " kept getting followed in by a brown trout that would not take. i borrowed his rod and as it followed in again I stopped the retrieve so the stick fly hit the deck. then twitched it a few times, the brownie turned on its side to swallow it. Worth a try.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

red grub hooks.

I was in eyebrook tackle shop the other day, looking for hooks to tie large pheasant tails with when i found some size 14 "jardine grub/ sedge hooks.
looked great for bloodworm larvae and buzzers,was hoping the red would show through. which i think it does.
also tried to do a red diddy type of thing, not sure if i like it or not.
must be lots more uses for those hooks yet!

Monday, 25 January 2010

stil no idea what i am doing!

trying to add tools etc. to the blog.... help.
got the moon phase tool up and running for the sea anglers and the barbel anglers who believe in all that stuff.
been to eyebrook tackle shop and found some fantastic red hooks. chironomid, midge or buzzer larvae. (depending on what level your at)! tying session looms. will post some photos.
my sons birthday tommorow, will carry on when i get chance.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Fish , A Man Must.....

Welcome to my web log. If you have arrived here by mistake, go now!

If here by design, good luck. As Anglers we need more than most!

Here is my first attempt at uploading a photo of one of my trout flies.....yippee pc expert ,not.

Its a large heron herl buzzer, that works at "Eyebrook" . The trout seem to like it fished on the drop, which is hard for most anglers to do. not me though , i am lazy!

I hope this works as i am tired and off to bed. will start this again tommorow. All the best , dave