Monday, 1 March 2010

Yipee! going fishing on Wedneday. tied some bloodworms

Got a day pass to go fly fishing on Wednesday! Can not wait, possibly forgot how to cast.
 Knocked up a couple of kinds of Bloodworm patterns. Never had much success with them but got to try something new now and then.
One is a bead head marabou type the other an apps bloodworm. Got some chemical pocket warmers so may just cast out and stick hands in pockets, will put some down my waders if it stays this cold! I will post on here if we catch anything. there are three rogues going possibly to Elinor. Percey has got so many rods and lines that he is taking them all to find out what line casts best on what rod, bet he forgets to take a marker pen!
  James Cove is an unknown quantity who comes from excellent trout fishing stock. Think we may have to handicap him i will probably struggle. I like to see fish moving, not that keen on "fishing the water". "smelly nets " indeed!

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