Saturday, 13 February 2010

stick fly

Been tying a few. cant get motivated, need to be in the mood .
 This hares ear stick fly is my confidence point fly early season. I lead it with lead foil from a dentists x-rays.
it is thin stuff and does not bulk the body up too much. the thorax is d.f.m. yellow seals fur.
 It's a good fly for creeping along the bottom, tied to copy some caddis larvae i found in a sand and gravel pit.
their cases were made of sand.
 Also found caddis that had used flakes of gloss paint from a sunken boat! but thats too long a story.....
If the bottom of the lake is clean enough inch it hard along it so puffs of silt / sand come up. no fish will resist!
a friend of mine called  "Rocket " kept getting followed in by a brown trout that would not take. i borrowed his rod and as it followed in again I stopped the retrieve so the stick fly hit the deck. then twitched it a few times, the brownie turned on its side to swallow it. Worth a try.