Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hello, I thought it was about time I posted on this blog again. I started it with good intentions however for various reasons have let it slip badly. Will try to keep it going this year as it looks like i may have time to actually go fishing!
Been at the vice a bit, hard to keep the incentive even though I got a new vice for Xmas. Just done a shrimp pattern after seeing a good one in fishing and fly tying mag. Nothing new but might be worth a swim. Blending the seals fur was a bit of a nightmare, pinch of this sprinkle of that. A couple of u.v. products in there, hope the fish like it.
My four year old son took the photo, this macro stuff is easy?! He will sit and make a few flies before he gets bored. likes the big flashy bass / pike ones easy for him to handle. Daddys small flies are too hard.
  all the best , Dave

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